Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Detention without charge

I'm sure the left will be rife with outrage at condemnation at this news, right?

Thousands of students have clashed with police in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, during a protest against proposed constitutional changes.... Students had chanted "Reform, no - democracy, yes" as they tried to reach parliament.

Student leader Stalin Gonzalez said at least five demonstrators had suffered minor injuries, the Associated Press reports.

"There is... a part of this country that rejects these reforms and we want to be heard," Mr Gonzalez told a local television station.

Protesters complained that police had stopped their march from reaching the National Assembly while the authorities frequently allow Chavez supporters to stage street demonstrations without restrictions.

"It's clear proof of political discrimination," said Mr Gonzalez.

Among the students' concerns about the erosion of civil liberties is the fear that the authorities will be allowed to detain citizens without charge during a state of emergency.

Mr Chavez has dismissed criticism of the constitutional changes saying they are needed to accelerate Venezuela's transition to socialism.

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