Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Palestinian pottery and artwork

It's funny what you overhear. I was on my way to Picadilly Circus, queuing up for the very busy elevator on the London Underground, when I started to overhear a conversation about some sort of Palestinian craft fair.

On first appearances the narrator for this little story was 20 something asian girl, who went on to say she had gone there in goodwill for the Palestinians, to look at and maybe buy some pottery, ceramics and artwork. At this point I very nearly interjected to ask if the show would include suicide belts as I simply assumed this was another niave little idealist, stuck in the mindset that the Palestinians can do no wrong and that terrible actions of some are justifiable etc etc

My mistake, and my prejudice. Since she went on to explain that on arrival she was met with scowls and hostile stares from the Arab men there!

What? Why would they do that? She went on to explain, they thought she was an arab girl, who had brought a long her white boyfriend. She promptly left.


Tu S.Tin said...

"niave little idealist"
being the deconstructionist that I am, I think I could pick apart that label for days. which word is meant to be the insult?

and by true definitions if niave little and idealist are all negative terms... Im having trouble putting together the more acceptable person drawn from using the opposite for each....
bitter fat bastard??

marvin said...

Haha. Niave little idealist says it all to me :) Happy pollyana goes to feed the crocodiles...

Alas, Tu s.tin there's too many bitter fat bastards and niave little idealists in the world