Monday, 19 November 2007

Email from "Allah Made Me Funny" Promoter

Mail just in, the promoter of the Scottish leg of the Allah Made Me Funny tour has emailed to let us know that the Glasgow event is still going ahead
I wanted to let you know despite Cali Uni backing out the Glasgow event is still going a head in the Glasgow Royal Concert Halls on the 26th of Nov, doors opening at 7pm.
So, if you're anywhere near Glasgow - go and see it!


Tu S.Tin said...

I remember there was stink about this show when in australia too.
ever read "nutter news"? or "free thinker"? lots of religious lunitics out there everywhere!!
Its almost like they are in some contest to see who can be most stupid...for God of course... derr. who apperantly hates to see people smile, laugh, enjoy any beauty in life, each other, or be creative at all.
whats wrong with people??
as far as the actual show goes...not sure how I feel, I dont think its wrong...but some things are worth thinking over.
Allah Made Me Funny banner The object of the internationally-acclaimed show ..... I've seen clips of it, some anti american material .... not always funny.
and the founder says the show is a protest...for all the unrepresented memebers of society.
whos responibility is it to "represent" people?
the world just grows ever more rascist by the day. It might be a strange thing to say and Im sure it will be misunderstood...but I pity the white men of the future...

marvin said...

I haven't actually seem the material [embarassed look]. But I'm supporting it purely on the basis it's humour which is sorely needed within the 'muslim community' or whatever the hell you want to call it.

I do take your objections on board though. I will have to watch the material and get back to you.