Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Muslim comedy banned by UK University

A comedy by Muslims had been banned by Glasgow Caledonian University.

Glasgow Caledonian University backed out of hosting Allah Made Me Funny: The Official Muslim Comedy Tour this month after complaints from its Muslim Students' Association.

Oceanic, which organised the tour, was told by the university that the group felt the act was derogatory to their religion.

Preacher Moss and Azhar Usman will still perform the show at Dundee University on 27 November with the full backing of its Islamic Society. Yesterday, Fozia Ali, the campaign executive with Oceanic, said that she and the comics were disappointed with Glasgow Caledonian University's decision.

She said: "It seems somewhat ridiculous in a democratic society, in the era of freedom of speech, that the objections of a few cause an educational institution such as Caledonian University to walk away from a contractual agreement."

A spokeswoman for Glasgow Caledonian University said: "When the Muslim Students' Association expressed reservations about the show, it was decided the booking would not go ahead."

SO a Muslim students organisation, the nature of which is not stated, expresses 'reservations', and those in authority at the University shat themselves sideways, and immediately stopped the comedy.

Extremism on campus at university has been widely reported in the media. And, it appears, the Glasgow Caledonian University have given in to irrational intolerance. Good one dipshits.

So we now have no Muslim comedy at this university, just a bunch of miserable reactionaries running the show via political and cultural weakness of those in charge.


aDM said...

I dont understand is it going ahead or not? It says they are going ahead.

aDM said...

Oh i see. So good for Dundee. Theyve made the crummy ex polytechnic look pathetic. I just hope its funny after all that.

marvin said...

I'm sure it'll be a riot either way ;)