Wednesday, 28 November 2007

The Politics of Fear

Looks like the neo-con imperialists have staged another 'news story' about selling nuclear material on the black market. I can only imagine the imperialists staged this in order to torture their own citizens in one big guantanamo bay and murder all muslims in the name of democracy.

Police in Slovakia and Hungary have arrested three people for allegedly trying to sell 1kg (2.2lb) of radioactive material, officials said.

Slovak police spokesman Martin Korch said the three were planning to sell the unspecified material in Slovakia for $1m (£483,000).

Does sound a bit like a plot from 24 though doesn't it? :)


Tu S.Tin said...
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Tu S.Tin said...

sorry that was me .... joke gone bad LOL....
something about flux compasitator fuel and your obsession with
neo-con imperialists
never mind :S

read in another report the guy had it in a plastic bag inside his coat pocket, how so casual with such a dangerous thing? Its not the first time they have made these arrests either...makes you wonder if any has made it through and how much?

marvin said...

Well, if I see a big flash, then I'm vaporised, (T2 stylee) I'd say quite a bit has made it through.