Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Brutal racist attack with machete, barely worth mentioning

There's a quite a few 'hate crimes' that barely get reported in the media, that is hate attacks on Whites. For some reason it doesn't seem to stir the public passion, it appears, assuming newspapers are sticking to reporting on what sells.

This story was barely reported at all, because the victim was white. If it were a black or asian lad at he hands of a mob of white racists wielding machetes and hammers, it would have been massive news, front page for all the papers, and we would have heard about it for weeks. Op-eds in the Guardian lamenting how all us white people are responsible, and how we are all racist, that's why these things happens etc to the hilt.

But as it stands, it merits only a few lines in ONE UK newspaper. Despicable double standards isn't it?

The only other news organisation to pick up on it is the Pakistan Times.

Hat tip for the original story to Pub Philosopher


Tu S.Tin said...

guess when your the majority you just fade into the backround anymore.
have to read the link .... be right back

Tu S.Tin said... how the pakistan paper added an attack on an asian man to the story... wonder if its ment to explain the other away?
In a way I envy racists... they are so focused .... I hate everyone!! sigh
I really need to learn how to think smaller

Renegade Eye said...

I'm for going back to basics. All crime is in essence hate crime.

Tu S.Tin said...

marvin said...

Sorry Tu s tin your link was too long. Try hyperlinking or use ;)

Renegade, over here we have stronger punishments for so called hate crime. It's a little odd to me, that if you are throw an personal insult referring to race or homosexuality when you stab someone, it can mean many more years on your prison sentence.