Sunday, 2 December 2007

Electric shock torture in Zimbabwe, and the love of Mugabe by African governments

Torture is Robert Mugabe's election weapon

"When my turn came I was told to remove my clothes. I sat on a stool facing one of the policemen who asked me: 'Who organised the demonstration? Who is sponsoring you?'. There were two other policemen standing behind me with pliers. Whenever I gave them an answer they didn't like, they grabbed me with the pliers on my neck and shoulders. I cannot describe the pain."

Another victim, 33-year-old Mandla Nyathi, a Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions activist, told how he and five other union members were taken to Fairbridge after being arrested during a demonstration. "When we arrived we were taken into a room whose walls were covered with blood, and the floor was strewn with broken bottles and odd shoes," he said

"The police demanded to know the whereabouts of our leadership, and when we did not give them the information the torture began."

When he still refused to give them any information, police officers took out whips and started lashing him.

"When that failed they electrocuted me through the genitals," he added. "As I passed out I could hear my colleagues screaming in pain as well."

Another article Zimbabwe abuses off agenda at Lisbon summit explains how the African leaders have prohibited discussion of Zimbabwe's human rights issues.

We know that South African regime supports the Zimbabwe regime, and Mugabe has been given standing ovations by African leaders.

This to me suggests that the African leaders are willing to turn a blind eye to Mugabe's violent human rights abuses, since, ideologically they agree with Mugabe. Perhaps they too wish they could seize white owned property and give to black africans. Are they watching Mugabe, hoping beyond hope that actually his policies will work? Certainly seems that way.

Meanwhile, the average life of a Zimbabwean is the LOWEST in the WORLD, with women at 34 and men at 37.

Yet the African leaders still support this murderous fuckwit. What a disgrace this is to their fellow African countrymen who are suffering under his regime. Shame on you.

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