Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Inter Milan football strip 'offends Muslims'


Western culture is charged with offending Muslims sensibilities (again). You would think that with all the brutal and vicious violence in the world perpetrated by self-declared Muslims, you'd think there'd be plenty of other more worthy causes to be offended about. But no, not to the bigoted and apparently anti-Western, Turkish lawyer Baris Kaska.

Nevermind that the red cross is an internationally used symbol throughout Christendom. Nevermind that it's the symbol of the city of Milan. And, how could we forget it's also the flag of England. Gawd bless 'er.

Of course, we should get this in perspective. This is one, particular Muslim, with an axe to grind. I should think the vast majority of Muslims wouldn't give a shit. But, I am still allowed to be annoyed about it, ok?

I have to laugh whenever the term 'Muslim sensibilties' is raised, since nearly always in the context of the story, Muslim sensibilities is a complete and utter oxymoron!

This story is reminiscent of this story which calls for the English flag of St George to be changed in order to be 'sensitive to muslims'. Jonz commented:

I wonder if any Muslims are considering changing the Crescent symbol of Islam, taking into account its association with terrorism, to perhaps a less insensitive purple blob perhaps?

Further reading of the subjects of deemed offensive to Muslim sensibilities here

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