Saturday, 15 December 2007

Policy Exchange and Newsnight

What a silly episode. Policy Exchange produced a report that a large number of British mosques are selling hate literature. Newsnight did not report on the findings, and launched an investigation over questions over a couple of receipts.

What is worrying is that

Semus Milne has an article, summing up the thoughts of liberal-left opinion, that it investigating the Muslim community is Dangerous and Poisonous, and attacks the 'neo-con' agenda. The hypocrisy here is that Milne attacks the centre-right think tank for having a 'political agenda', yet Milne and his comrades constantly seek to apologise, defend, and deny unacceptable Islamic extremist behaviour. Ironically, it seems biggest victims in all this will be moderate Muslims.

Charles Moore, chairman of the Policy Exchange reports that some of the anonymous Muslim researchers have been outed on Newsnight, and an Islamist website has urged muslims to "hunt them down".

Update: The MPACKUK, which has used anti-semitic neo-nazi material on it's site:

The Hunt for 8 Sufi Zio-Con Frauds

MPAC now wants to find out exactly who these Sufis are, who are working for the Zio-Con think tank. There were 8 Sufis who worked for them, and all apparently have gone abroad to hide while the storm is raging. They worked, according to Policy Exchange for over a year on the project, so some Muslim out there must have come into contact with them.

Who are they, what are their backgrounds … MPACUK will dig deeper and expose every last detail of the Sufis who tried to destroy their own community.

Once up on Seamus Milne, not neo-con, but Zio-Con! It's a Zionist conspiracy! MPACUK are well aware that by publishing 'details', i.e. home addresses etc they are inviting violent retiribution to their co-religionists.

Reminiscent of the meme "Behead those who say Islam is violent!"


Tu S.Tin said...

It really takes alot to push me, and I am just sick and tired of these extremists!! Not only are they absolutly ridiculous!! I put sole blame on them for fucking up my world!!
In this war on terror why is no one attacking the source!!
and I dont mean by protests and cartoon. I mean directly.
and why is everyone always giving them center stage? I watched a program with a debate between these radicals and real muslims... dont see that talked about anywhere.
if there are any victims in this mess its the ones who tried to speak and were never heard, or supported.
I never understand why people hide, or apologize either.
when you make the decision to take a stand in the name of freedom and intelligence and someone threatens dont run ! you say here I am!

Tu S.Tin said...

there's also a big diffrence between aggressive and assertive-

hope that links small enough
the world is just full of agressive and passive people.

marvin said...

"the world is just full of agressive and passive people"

What about the passive-aggressive types? :)

Actually this site is a laugh

Tu S.Tin said...

I believe passive-aggresive has been redifined as "emo"
that link was great!! thank you

marvin said...

Well, apparently the definition of 'emo' is hotly debated!