Sunday, 16 December 2007

Political Correctness Gone Mad!

Here's one of those PC gone mad stories that liberal-leftists like to insist are always and entirely fabrications of the right wing tabloids.

A hospital porter allegedly asked Muslims in a multi-faith prayer room to remove the covering they had put on the crucifix. Naturally, the porter was suspended (not allegedly).

A HOSPITAL porter has been suspended after a row over a crucifix being covered up in a prayer room.

The male porter had allegedly gone to use the room, which is available to visitors and staff of all faiths, at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in Pendlebury, Salford.

When he entered the room the crucifix, which was on a table, had been covered with a cloth as several Muslims were using the room.

A source said: "The porter apparently asked them to remove the cloth when they had finished as he and others wanted to use the room later.

"There was then some kind of incident and as a result the porter was suspended. It is the talk of the hospital and many staff are astounded that the porter has been sent home, and feel he has been unfairly treated.

"It has been claimed that he was verbally abused by those in the prayer room."

If this is true, the decision to suspend the porter is despicable.

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