Thursday, 3 January 2008

Renowned Muslim scholar to visit Rochdale

Wow. Good news from the Asian news!

A world famous Muslim scholar who has converted 15,000 people to Islam is coming to Rochdale.

The Deen For All organisation, who organise many multi-faith events throughout the year invited Shaykh Khalid Yasin to talk about the challenges facing Islam at the Gracie Fields Theatre.

Already 800 tickets have been snapped up and a further 200 are available for the free event.

The Shaykh is from New York. He grew up as a Christian but embraced Islam in 1965 and has since delivered lectures in more than 37 countries resulting in over 15,000 people converting to the religion.

Deen For All spokesman, Hanief Mohammed said: "It is not often a small town like Rochdale is fortunate to have scholars like Shaykh Khalid Yasin agreeing to visit us.

"He has memorised the holy Qu'ran and has studied Islamic history as well as the Arabic language.

"He is the chairman of the Islamic Information Trust and a founding member of the Islamic Information Network Purpose TV.

"We were asked to hold the event in Manchester where the venues are bigger.

"However, given we are a Rochdale based organisation, it was felt to find the biggest arena in Rochdale and Gracie Fields Theatre fitted the bill.

"We also decided to make it a free event. Anyone wishing to attend simply has to register on our website and obtain their free ticket."

Deen for All has also invited Shaykh Zahir who is well known for his "inspirational" talks and has travelled to different parts of the world to hold lectures aiming to reach out to young people by delivering his lectures in English.
Well a glowing report there from the British Asian News.

However, they fail to mention that this scholar supports death penalty for gays, denies Al-Qaeda exist, denies Muslims were reponsible for 9/11, says non-muslims cannot be your friends, sees non-muslims as inferior, etc etc.

Asian News you useless FUCKING cunts.


Tu S.Tin said...

"He has memorised the holy Qu'ran and has studied Islamic history as well as the Arabic language."

what a bunch of bullshit

nutjob said...

What makes you say that tu s tin?

Tu S.Tin said...

It makes him sound so smart doesnt it? seems like a waste of closed minded effort and waste of brain space to me to memorize a single book, study a single history, and focus on one single langauge, it's very fundamental which leads no where productive.
I like how the article includes he was raised christian but embraced Islam, and that the organisation calls itself "deen" for all.....
what makes it bull shit is, I can not get over how we live in this modern world and still somehow "convert" people backwards instead of forward and so easily.
I dont know much about the speakers listed ... but anytime a statement is made like the one quoted above, especially with any connection to things religious, their names should be automatically be scratched off the list.