Saturday, 19 January 2008

We are all body slicers now (and propogandists for Hizbollah)

Hezbollah has Israel 'body parts'

Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah says his armed group has body parts of Israeli soldiers abandoned in Lebanon during the 2006 conflict.

He said they had the "heads, the hands, the feet and even a nearly intact cadaver" in a speech marking his first public appearance in more than a year.

He addressed Shia Muslim supporters at a rally in southern Beirut to celebrate the holy Shia commemoration of Ashura.

Israel launched a major campaign against Hezbollah in July 2006.

The 34-day war started with a border incursion by Hezbollah, who killed eight Israeli soldiers and snatched two more.

About 1,200 civilians died in Lebanon during the conflict and about 160 Israelis - mainly soldiers - were killed during the conflict.
Here's a screen shot of that, full screen shot here

The knee-jerk lie has resurfaced.

A UN official estimated that 500 Hezbollah fighters had been killed,[7] and Lebanese government officials estimated that up to 500 had been killed.[6] A Stratfor report cited "sources in Lebanon" as estimating the Hezbollah death toll at "more than 700... with many more to go",[139] while British military historian John Keegan estimated the figure could be up to 1,000.[140]

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