Saturday, 2 February 2008

Chic and Contemporary, at the Guardian

I'd like to know why a liberal secularist newspaper is devoting so much space and effort to paint an old religious book containing so much anger, hatred and intolerance for others as somehow chic and contemporary. Have they ever done the same with the Bible? The Talmud perhaps?

One can't help but think that any dissection of the bible by the Guardian would be a serious attack on the contents within. Yet out of the three Abrahamic religions, we know that certain followers of Islam (as opposed to Christianity or Judaism) want to incinerate us with explosives.

That's not to say there's no hatred or intolerance in the other two holy books. There certainly is. But two things: 1. Nowhere near as much 2. Extreme Christians or Jews pose no threat. We battled religious extremism within our own culture hundreds of years ago.

Now, will the Guardian be discussing the verses used in Al-Qaeda videos? Somehow I don't think so. And even Madeline Bunting would have trouble reframing gems such as this.

Oh the pain, the pain.

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Tu S.Tin said...

You have made some most excellent points and statements here. Love how you call them "the three Abrahamic religions"...
a fact I never see refered to ever! You would think realising that would bring about some unity from within but it doesnt does it.
I used to think focusing on only the good parts like this would make a diffrence but it doesnt erase the other side at all or change anything .
nothing pisses me off more than religion!
I know you cant reason with mad men but I still have some faith left in the power of logic if only to keep more from joining in... everyone cant be stupid can they??
Not only do the people speaking out like the man below need support ... more more creative ways need to be found.... I say we aallllllll convert and change it ourselves :P