Saturday, 16 February 2008

Opposing Sharia Arbitration Courts in UK

I have been following with great interest comments at Pickled Politics over the Sharia arbitration debate. Some of the most principled opponents to the idea are Muslim themselves, which should come as no surprise as they are the ones (and their families, friends and community) whom it directly effects.

I recommend reading comments by 'sid' and 'sonia'. They point me to a very good article by seasoned blogger Ali Eteraz (who used to blog at Infidel Blogger Alliance but got hounded out for posting about the Lords Resistance Army).

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Tu S.Tin said...

Eteratz is such an excellent writer with readers from all over the world.
I have to say I never could understand the word "multiculturism" as everyone was defining it?? always just seems like people make their own meanings up.
I do wonder where the extremist are taking this debate.... havent had a chance to look into that side. I do think muslims living in the west will be the ones to decide the fate of Islams future in the world so giving into fundamentalist or Islamist demands sould never even be concidered!
been following on PP myself.
But the mavin comments are whats stuck in my mind.....and all the comparison to the US

the link says... The Royal United Services Institute says Britain has become a “soft touch” because of divisions over its national aims, values and political identity.

I'm not sure americans are an example of that "unity" on a whole.
No, I am sure we arent. As the united states is a very complex country even those living here dont have a clue to how things work let alone outsiders.
The flag represents a concept, not national pride..... and the flag waving "proud crowed" is often the least educated and poor representative of american.

Everyone recently has been trying to stick labels on each other and themselves....
What it means "to be"
by nationality, race, religion and even gender...
havent we evolved to see past that?
everyone can come up with their own meaning of those words to live by on a personal level.
But am I the only one wanting to define what it means to be alive and free?