Saturday, 8 March 2008

HP Sauce Supports Enoch Powell

The BBC's White Season makes very interesting and controversial material for the BBC which is constantly attacked as having a liberal-left wing bias. Sunny is angry, rightly so, that extremists not only get a free pass to say what they want, but are not vigorously challenged by the BBC interviewers. Just try typing Anjem Choudry and Newsnight into YouTube.

In an explanation for the picture, HP Sauce is often used as a nickname for Harry's Place. Angry commenter's often resort to calling the HP posters as racist for their stances on such things as Sharia law - which I add is pretty ridiculous considering their staunch opposition to racism.

You can watch the documentary Rivers of Blood here for the next 7 days.


Beaman said...

It was a fascinating documentary. Enoch was an amazingly intelligent and cultured man. He was a true 'multiculturalist' in that he actually knew about different cultures, lived abroad and learnt around eight languages.

Regarding his speech, I think he made a mistake with some of his terminology which I found quite disturbing. However the general theme of future conflict has and is revealing itself as true. That being said I think he made a mistake in thinking race would be the catalyst. In my view, it's culture and especially religion.

marvin said...

He was racist in that he saw fundamental differences in the races, irreconcilable ones. Of course, he was wrong, races are not irreconcilable at all. It matters not what your skin colour is, it's what you do, how you act think and act towards others.

It's very easy to dismiss Enoch Powell as simply racist, and so requires no further study. But like you say the guy was very intelligent and cultured. He could speak several other languages. He honestly believed what he was talking about, he saw the communalist bloodshed in India, and saw that as happening over here. I wonder how hindsight would have altered his thinking?

Anyway, a controversial subject that's not likely to go away anytime soon! Very well done to the beeb for the documentary.