Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sack Snow

Yes, sack the twat. Channel 4, you fucking suck. Again.

Some very good comments from the Channel 4 community board

I have just watched this evenings news with Jon Snow with a growing sense of rage that this man thinks that media freedom to report what it wants when it wants at the expense of the safety of not only Prince Harry but all of our troops. Does he not understand we are at war with an appalling enemy that does not play by the rules. Had he been around in WW2 would he have been on the beaches of Normandy the day before tipping off the enemy?

We are in a horrible war, anything that benefits the enemy should not be divulged. To do so is and should be treated as Treason. Jon Snow treated tonights subject as some sort of game with a silly smirk on his face. I think he should be sent to walk the streets of Afghanistan to show what a brave man he is, preferably with a big red arrow over his head! I'm going to switch to Channel 5,even Natasha Kaplinsky can't be this thick!


Channel 4 News is continuing its pathetic criticism of Prince Harry's service in Afghanistan, by saying it looks like the West 'attacking Islam'.

Rubbish - this is just more media-luvvy concocted nonsense.

The Taliban murder women. Abuse women. Train terrorists. Destroy ancient Buddhist monuments. Torture and kill anyone who does not subscribe to their medieval religious stance. Their record on human rights is atrocious and they MUST be defeated. The West should indeed be there wiping out this feudal awful society - the only shame is that we didn't go in there a long time ago.

Channel4 news needs to get its priorities right - do not attack those who have the courage to actually stand up in the face of this brutality and be counted.

The Telegraph has an article on the subject well worth reading

Prince Harry fought for us all - even Jon Snow

Although Snow is someone with a strong, Left-wing political agenda that intrudes too much into his programme, I have always admired him. He is articulate and well-informed and he manages to treat issues thoroughly without making them boring.

But what he said about the Prince Harry story was really shocking. Snow was furious at the media conspiracy (as he saw it) to conceal the fact that the Prince was in the front line.

Using the oldest and falsest royal chestnut, he accused the editors who had made the agreement of seeking knighthoods. He must know that, except for a few restricted orders in the Queen’s personal gift, honours come from a system controlled by the Prime Minister.

Then Snow claimed to be horrified that so much fuss was being made to do a special favour to “so small a thing as a prince”. What other free country would connive at such a cover-up, he wondered?

Why, he jeered, did Prince Harry have to be a soldier anyway? “He could do banking.” Were the press so servile, asked Snow, with an absurdity of bad taste, that “if he gets injured or shot dead, the papers wouldn’t report that”?

The three people on the show – the editor who had brokered the deal, a Tory MP and a man who had served recently in the Army – looked at Snow almost with incomprehension.

It was one of those moments when one realised that some media people have no contact with ordinary human feeling. Prince Harry was not being given a privilege. His situation was unique.

No other man serving in Afghanistan, after all, was going to be chased high and low by the press for who he was rather than what he was doing.


Any normal person understands that. I bet that more than 90 per cent of the population feel pleased that Prince Harry managed to serve, and cross with those abroad (tipped off by a big media organisation here?) which published the story and forced him home. George Galloway, admirer of Saddam Hussein, has accused the BBC of being part of the “war effort”.

Would that this were more often so! Of course the BBC should not take a political view about whether a particular campaign is right or wrong. But nor should it or our other media be neutral between British forces and the Taliban.

We are British, and should have a care for British troops, as we should for all British people in danger. Leave it to the Taliban Broadcasting Corporation (if their fundamentalism permits such a thing to exist) to put their case.

George Galloway has also usefully reiterated why he is such a cunt.

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Beaman said...

I completely agree with your sentiments. Jon Snow should be ashamed of himself as should the whole of the ridiculous Channel 4 News set-up be.