Friday, 28 March 2008

This is Zionism

Border guards have shot dead two African migrants, as they tried to cross the frontier into Israel.

The two men are both in their 30s, and according to a security official, are from the Ivory Coast.

The guards are said to have opened fire on them after they refused orders to stop at the border.

Eight other migrants have been killed at the border by police this year, and scores of others detained - most of them from Africa.

Oh hang on a minute. This wasn't Israeli shooting, this was Egyptian. Ok, well it must be Zionist inspired then. I suspect Mossad said to these poor innocent Egyptian police that they must kill these migrants or they themselves will be shot. Zionist scum...

My point is that all national security services do terrible things. It's tragic that these migrants were shot dead. It's just that the constant focus on Israel is illogical and based on anti-Semitism. You know the 'anti-zionists' bang on about the 'apartheid' security wall (which has dramatically decreased attacks on Israeli civilians, and therefore attacks on Palestinian soil)? It's only an apartheid wall in Israel. The Egyptians have the same wall. It's not racist or apartheid then. Why?

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