Saturday, 29 March 2008

Work in progress, or what will happen if Boris Johnson wins race to be Mayor of London?

By Charles Moore at the Telegraph

If you study the Left-wing press as it starts to confront the blasphemous thought that Ken Livingstone might lose, you find it sensing this.

Its first instinct, of course, is to blacken Boris. Ken's researchers have solemnly studied his innumerable newspaper columns, instructed to find "unacceptable" remarks in them. Not a hard task: there they are, as plentiful and cheering as daffodils in March.

The premise behind this propaganda is that there is a nasty, Right-wing, even racist Boris whom the voters would hate if only they knew. Not so, not even remotely. He is almost alarmingly free of the prejudices that most of us use as a rough guide to life. The only thing that he really does not like is an undue reverence for anything. Had he been alive in the 1890s, he would have been exasperated by imperialism and monarchist fervour. In the age in which he lives, he likes to laugh at the pieties of political correctness. So do most people - particularly most Londoners, whose policing and education have suffered from them for too long.

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