Sunday, 6 April 2008

London: Olympic torch realy - 35 arrests so far

Blue officials are the Chinese, yellow are Olympic officials, surrounded by countless police officers

I am proud that people in London are taking this opportunity to demonstrate against the brutal Chinese regime, and for the right of Tibet to self-determination and freedom from forced sterilisation, torture, political arrests and executions.

Free Tibet, you brutal fuckers (the fascistic Chinese authorities).

Watching the footage now, the Police are constantly rugby tackling protesters who arr trying to grab the torch! Watch BBC News 24 now if you can.


Esmerelda said...

It was very well done indeed. Nobody hurt, no violence for violence sake, no real violence at all. Just plenty of banners, flags and calls for freedom.
The Englishman at the Dome from Free Tibet spoke very well. I was very moved by the young woman calling "Gordon Brown I beseech you, stop torture, Free Tibet"
One thing puzzles me. The easiest way from Wembley to the Dome is directly on the Jubilee Line. It would only have taken 40 minutes.

marvin said...

Esmeralda I agree completely. I thought it was all very well done in that no real violence and a decent protest done for a noble cause.

Haha. That 40 minutes theoretically, though :)