Monday, 21 April 2008

No Room for Romantic Solidarity with Palestinian Militants

A rare article at Comment is Free by Stephen Ladyman, entitled What I learned in Sderot

In the absence of facts, it is all too easy to fill the vacuum that results with the romance of struggle. But what is happening to Sderot demands our unanimous and unambiguous revulsion. What Hamas and its allies, such as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyr Brigade, are doing from Gaza cannot be excused, and it cannot be dignified as freedom fighting. What they are doing is inhuman, brutal and repressive and brings shame on the Palestinian cause and anyone, even someone as well-intentioned as President Carter, who tries to engage with them, needs to understand the depth of their depravity.

Hamas must stop these attacks now. If they do not, then sooner or later, the Israelis, who have shown far more restraint than we would tolerate from our own government if missiles were falling on a British town, will have no choice but to respond.

Via Letters from a Tory, who, a little surprisingly takes issue with the article. Israel is playing the victim again

Here was my response

Palestinian militants need to stop attacking Israel, full stop. They need to stop hiding and launching rocket attacks from civilian areas. Palestinian society, as a whole, needs to recognise the right of Israel to exist, to recognise that the Jews will not just leave the area. Israel has offered the Palestinians an independent state numerous times. It has been rejected outright every time. Why? Because they want the whole of the land to be ‘Palestine’. If you watch Palestinian TV you will see the the anti-Semitism has reached Nazi blood libel proportions, also in the surrounding Arab countries.

If Palestinian and Arab society in general can renounce this disgusting anti-Semitism, recognise Israel, and focus on a sovereign Palestinian state that is at peace with Israel, not at war, and strives to achieve self-reliance economically and socially, then and only then, will there be peace in the middle east.

Israel’s tough military responses, and Hamas and other militants cowardice and blatant disregard for civilian life do result in tragic and unnecessary Palestinian civilian deaths.

When King Abdullah of Jordan got pissed with the Palestinians, he annihilated 20,000 of them. Palestinian militants were turning up in Israel with the hands up, as they knew they would not be slaughtered but would get mercy.

Yet Palestinian, Arab, Muslim opinion focuses their entire wrath on Israel. Why have the surrounding Arab states consistently refused to give a homeland to the Palestinians?

The West Bank was part of Jordan! Gaza was claimed and occupied by Egypt!

I fully support the two state solution where the two sovereign nations live in peace side by side. We must all accept the state of Israel, and that there can be no 'one state solution'. Then we can all accept the Palestinian sovereign state.

There would be massacres on Jews, without question, until every last Jew had left the area. Israel will accept a Palestinian state, if the latter accepts the former. This is the crux of the issue. Then and only then can there be peace. Israel can pay out to the Palestinians compensation for land lost and to create new homes in the new Palestinian state.


Tu S.Tin said...

good response !!
Good to offer you know some of the other sides struggle in the debate....
I do feel bad for the Palestinians, not in a I support their actions or cause way.
It disgusts me what they are doing to their own children especially!!!
and how they put land and buildings over their own peoples lives.....
Its like a street gang!!!
but I want to ask what you think of mr carter going to talk with hamas?
He is getting attacked for it and I dont see why?

Tu S.Tin said...

sorry to comment twice.... but
the other link -
I have often thought, being the queen of fiddlesticks and all, that if I ruled Israel, I would first off move all the people living on the border out of reach .... those who wanted to go anyway. anyone who wants to stay in a town under constant threat has no right to complain about the attacks....again especially when they have children why do they stay??