Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Truth? You can't handle the truth!

Mark Thompson, the Director General of the BBC, tonight warned broadcasters against becoming overly-cautious in their reporting on Islam for fear of causing offence to Muslims.

Speaking at Westminster Cathedral Mr Thompson, a practising Catholic, said there was “a growing nervousness about discussion about Islam and its relationship to the traditions and values of British and Western society as a whole”.

He said that the BBC and other major channels “have a special responsibility” to ensure that debates about “faith and society” and about any religion “should not be foreclosed or censored”.

Read the rest at The Times, via Cranmer

Some excellent articles over at Butterflies and Wheels

It is a matter of increasing importance that non-Muslims should be able to get a clear idea of Islam’s true attitude towards them. The questions are simple enough: Does Islam teach violence, or peace? Does it wish to coexist with other religions, or to dominate them? Do the jihadis represent Islam, or are they just a lunatic fringe? It should be a simple matter to get definitive, authoritative answers to such questions but, in fact, it is far from simple.

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Tu S.Tin said...

you cant attack one religion without attacking them all!

marvin said...


From the Times article

"In an effort to demonstrate that his remarks were not targeted solely at ensuring that Islam received journalistic scrutiny, Mr Thompson also referring to his decision to broadcast Jerry Springer, The Opera despite an avalanche of complaints from Christians unhappy at the depiction of Jesus in the satire.

“There is no point having a BBC which isn’t prepared to stand up and be counted; which will do everything it can to mitigate potential religious offence; but which will always be forthright in the defence of freedom of speech and of impartiality,” he said.

marvin said...

I don't really understand your point.

Tu S.Tin said...

that was directed more towards the butterflies and wheels link than the times .though they were good reads. especially the second one, I liked the reference to flagg.
Maybe it's the whole on going argument I don't get, over "religion" from anyones point of view.
One reason I don't say much in blog land anymore is I realized long ago -I- do not know "the truth" .... because facts can be and are fluid. even then how they are interpreted is wide open to opinion.
I don't see how being offensive matters either .....
I don't have the patience anymore to listen to muslims, christians or anyone else explain to us all what they think ... if its based on a single book they read or learned about without question.
Its religion as a whole that needs looked at and all of them!!
How does encouraging people to remain in out dated ideas help anything?
At the other end people not believing in any "God" want to return humans to some animal state of mind.
I thought you knew spinoza?