Sunday, 18 May 2008

Apology is not enough. What else is going on at WMP?

We should all join the National Secular Society in calling for a full public enquiry. This is one case that is very much in the public eye, but as Cohen suggests there may be more than just this high profile case that needs to be looked in to.

I think the case highlights something more endemic in the attitude with regards to ‘cohesion’ at WMP, and not unlikely in other UK police forces who may be going out of their way to appease the most reactionary and radical of people in their ethnic communities.

The government started this bizarre policy now we are reaping the consequences.


On a related note, I have found an very informative new blog called Bartholomew's Notes on Religion, which highlights another worrying development, that saying "The Church of Scientology is a cult" could be a deemed criminal offence under the Public Order Act.

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