Friday, 13 June 2008

Israel Kills 4 month old Baby, 6 other Palestinians

Would be a headline that would get around a lot, front page news. I wonder if this will make the Sunday papers front page, because, for some reason the idea that Israel committed the atrocity is often far more newsworthy than when it's Palestinians killing Palestinians, accidentally, instead of Israelis (in a 'work accident' as the semi-nutty LGF site refers to these things)

Seven Palestinians were indiscriminately killed by preparing an explosive "operation" including a 4-month old baby.

Meanwhile, this video has been front page news on the BBC news site for yesterday and this morning. It appears to be a video of some Israeli settlers attacking Palestinian with a baseball bat.

There appears to be no mention of it on the Israeli news sites.

People are rightly outraged about what does appear to be settlers attacking Palestinians.

Though perhaps this is food for thought, a commenter, 'g', points the following out in the comments at Harry's Place;

Do you feel the need to comment on every aggravated assualt [sic] or incidence of GBH that occurs worldwide? Some thugs committed an act of thuggery half the world away, the police are working on it, who really cares?

You only care because you want to smear settlers as part of your plan to ethnically cleanse the West Bank of its Jewish population. The overwhelming majority of settlers are productive citizens who care for the family and country and hold no political aims more sinister than the settlement of JEWS in JUDEA, which is a lot bloody more than anyone remotely honest can say about the Palestinian

I am not sure exactly who 'g' is referring to, when he says "You only care because... you want to ethnically cleanse" I can only assume David T, the blogger. If g is referring to David T, then he's seriously misplaced. If he's referring to neo-nazis and asssorted 'anti-zionists' then he may well be right. But that doesn't make one a neo-nazi or and anti-zionist to point such things out. Obviously...


Letters From A Tory said...

I hardly think criticising the assault of innocent civilians makes me anti-zionist.

marvin said...

lft, I already said that didn't I?!