Sunday, 31 August 2008

A "Community Support Officer" tries to stop somebody filming, even though he has no right to

via Looking for a Voice

Not only does this CSO have no idea about the law, he's also a completely rude and antagonistic twat, and seeminly having a rather basic command of he English language - he begins to loose the argument, then just starts saying "Shut up! Shut up!". How on earth did this man land the job?

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Tu S.Tin said...

Powerful posts you have put up here. There were more videos like it on u-tube. So much for those always trying to scream racist over everything, I think everyone is affected equally .... though most for a lot dumber reasons than some.
Made me think of the talking cameras-
anyone who reads that article and doesn't hear warning signals blaring must be insane! Especially the part about children competing to be the voice. I noticed they always add something like "the majority likes it this way"
what do you think of that? Do you think it's true or do they just try and convince you it is before you have a chance to think?
I have to admit my first reaction was to comment it shouldn't matter about the mans English ... but then again maybe it should be asked where he is from and how and why did he get the job? not for any other reason than where a person comes from can form their base moral, cultural, and political ideals, If that made sense?