Sunday, 7 September 2008

Paid UN Climate Change Industry Honcho says don't eat meat, save the world.

This is the front page headline for the Guardian on Sunday's paper, The Observer.

If these muesli munching, carrot sucking bruschetta loving lefties really want to help reduce human pollution and save the planet, best thing they can do is STOP HAVING CHILDREN.

Assuming said muesli munchers will teach their children to recycle their Guardian newspapers, and to to buy only Sainsbury's Organic range till the day they die, an inactive human who just breathes will exhale 350 litres of CO2 in just one day. This does not take in to account all the hot-air that said offspring would produce at dinner parties or any flying around in order to attend climate change conferences.

If all Guardian readers where to take this simple and easy step, the benefit to the planet would be immense.

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