Sunday, 21 September 2008

What knife crime 'epidemic'?

Lamented Sunny Hundal with his Comment is Free article.

The Telegraph as investigated the issue, see the article Knife crime worse than thought

Police figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that forces in England and Wales are on course to record a total of 38,000 serious knife crimes this year – more than 100 a day.

The figure is at least two-thirds higher than last year's total of 22,151 offences, announced by the Home Office in July when it unveiled its first annual count of knife crimes.

The sharp rise has come about because ministers have changed the counting rules, in response to complaints that key categories of crime were excluded from last year's total.

As a result, this year's statistics will not be directly comparable with last year's. Critics said this defeated the purpose of introducing the knife crime count, which was intended to allow police to monitor year-on-year trends.

...The reason for the increase is that knife offences categorised as actual bodily harm, rape, sexual assault or threats to kill, which were all excluded from last year's knife crime count, are all included this year.
Yeh. Why on earth would you include ABH, rape or threats to kill? Don't be silly! That'll put the figures up!

Cases of wounding, grievous bodily harm and knifepoint robbery, which made up the bulk of last year's figures, will continue to be included this year. Mere illegal possession of a knife is not counted in the totals; if it was, the figures would be much higher.

...Dominic Grieve, the shadow home secretary, said it was alarming that the Government was underestimating the scale of knife crime.

He said: "Knife crime is a scourge that is harming and all too often destroying young lives up and down the country. You cannot begin to combat a problem if you cannot even measure it accurately."

Sunny says "In practice, that means certain "suspicious-looking" (read: black) kids will be harassed". He thinks that police targeting knife crime will mean black people will be stopped and searched, not because they may look suspicious with their personally aggressive behaviour, their hand in the pants as if they are packing heat, and LA crips style of dress; but because they have darker skin you see. That's because all police are white and racist. You'll see, if police go after knife crime we'll see a stark increase in black catholic nuns being searched and aggressively put in custody. Sure ting.


Tu S.Tin said...

sad that during WWII Tolkien molded the shire around his feelings of England, and now stories like 28 days later are the new metaphor .. rage. I think the cure is happiness ... If knife crime is being seen as a plague on the youth don't panic marvin ... I have been watching them on you tube and they are pissed and unafraid and fighting back. Don't give chavs and gangsters so much credit ...
If society is to be judged by the future it leaves it children, we should start by having some faith in them.
Laws can only fix so much

marvin said...

The point is Tu s tin, the way I see it, due to the left's idolising the mantel of poltical correctness, the police are not free to do their job in an effective manner.

I agree laws can only fix so much, we need to free up our police (they have to do a hell of a lot of paperwork), and give them more freedom to search people.

The police are understandbly in this climate, are in a difficult position.

Knife and gun crime is endemic in Urban areas (read: black), we have a special team investigating gun crime in the black community - it is called Trident.

Yet, the random searching of teenagers is frowned upon because black teenagers will be searched more than white teenagers. This is used to 'prove' racism, even though it is something that is an issue in the black community. It is worth noting that the biggest shouters of racism are from the liberal commentariat. The editor of the iconic black magazine The Voice, Mike Best, wants MORE stop and search.

Commenters like Sunny Hundal, in my opinion, exacerbate the problem by accusations of 'racism'.

Tu S.Tin said...

I really don't care what sunny says or thinks, he is obviously stupid!
This is an interesting crime site ...
guess it breaks down into actual crimes ... the drug related are more spotted, but violent pretty much covers the map. The only way to prove someone wrong is with proof. The police target certain crime areas, because of the crime there, not the race of the people.
I don't see how anyone could even argue that!
But somehow they do...
I have been looking into the plans Boris is making, including metal detectors... lets see how racist the machines are.
Right now I work with 2 young boys who have lived through NYC gang violence even after all they have done, seen and overcome ..they too will blame racist police to some extent , just like the other stupid kids I have known find a way to blame the police as well .. so it is absolutely retarded for sunny as an adult to support that teen mentality when just like the link you have added for Mike Best, a quick goggle search brings up endless links for grown ups, teens, schools, and communities working with the police department.
Commenters like Sunny Hundal, pretty much exacerbate the all the problems!