Tuesday, 16 December 2008

BBC article says Iraq has been destroyed

Iraq has been destroyed, according to the BBC

Iraqi doctor's road to radicalism

"The destruction of his home country was the catalyst."

Of course before 2003, Iraq was a fully functioning pluralist democracy before Bushs' neo-con war with the Muslims, with no genocide or anything like that, and 100% votes for the ruling party. Beat that! No wonder this NHS doctor wanted to kill people!


The Queen of Fiddlesticks said...


sorry to get philosophical (everyone really seems to hate that)
I don't know why but this made me think of Moses.... he saw the suffering of the Jews and tried to save them .... the first time they fought against him and said who asked for your help!
The second time they followed him out of Egypt into freedom and wondered around the desert for 30 years longing for what they left behind.
I wonder if the people in Iraq ever really knew what Sadam was truly doing...I doubt they had freedom of press. I cant say what life was like back then for the average citizen, but I bet it was just that ...life.
Who do we want them to blame for causing this trauma? Themselves?
They are free now ..free to fight, free to have opinions, free to throw shoes, and free to keep making it worse for everyone involved.
There is a documentary of another doctor (in Iraq) called "my country My country" ...that was very eye opening from a different prospective.

Maybe Iraq has been destroyed, but does that mean it is finished?

Tu S.Tin said...

just so I don't come off as an apologist ... I thought his view going back to the gulf war was the beginning of delusions .... Did they expect someone else to overthrow Sadam then? but now when someone did .... oh whoa look what they have done to us!