Tuesday, 17 March 2009

BBC's 1Xtra: A Positive Force?

Rightnotracist.org has an article on and is planning a series focusing on the 1Xtra music station, suggesting that they are "actually pumping out a lot of subversive and negative content".

Some lyrics RnR has picked up on

One Day I Had to Punch up This One Youth for Tryin Make a Fool of Me
In My Hood theres Only So Many Opportunities
Look, I Carry a Tool [=weapon, looks like he means gun] for My Pride and My Jewelry
Now I Find Myself Stuck Serving the Community

Look At All These Youths Today
Rollin Round with 38s [=guns]
Stickin Breddas [=stabbing or sticking up other blokes] For the White Gold Chains Like*sound of gunshot*
Look I Didnt Mean To Hurt You Mate

Back In the Day I Used To Roll With Like 30 Mates
Never Had Clean Money [=legitimately earned money]
Always Had Dirty Papes
[=paper money?]

Being out on the Grind [=the daily grind of selling drugs/hustling] and Washing [=washing rocks of crack cocaine] for like 30 Days

This is was the yoofs are listening too. Not very Reithian is it? Lord Reith famously said the BBC is to educate, inform and entertain. When he said educate, I don't think he meant on the finer details of gang culture...

Can't say I've personally stayed tuned to it longer than a couple of minutes, I often heard Drum & Bass on there, which I have been particularly fond of in the past, though I feel a slight annoyance at the thought that I've seen really quite a small number of black people and Drum & bass events in London. The crowd is mostly white, as are most of the DJ's and producers. I'm a bit confused why the BBC have labelled it as black music, it evolved from early 90's rave music which developed from the late 80's acid house scene. Indeed the comprehensive Wikipedia article makes no mention at all of blackness or black issues, or it's association with black people.

It had nothing to do with colour then, in the early 90's when the rave scene started to split, where you had the various factions, house, techno, hardcore and jungle. Jungle did have some yardie elements in the early 90's but this has long moved away from the evolving scene, which was quite quickly to be known as drum & bass. It does annoy me that the BBC have decided that yup, drum & bass is black. The music is certainly not 'black'. It's multi racial. Hmm. I'll be following RnR on the 1Xtra series of articles closely.

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