Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Infallible Pope Says Something Retarded

Oh dear...
Pope Benedict XVI has said that handing out condoms is not the answer in the fight against HIV/Aids, as he makes his first visit to Africa as pontiff.
I know that the papists aren't too keen on the old contraception, or sex in general really unless the goal is to sprout another sprog. Sexual intercourse, which apparently unbeknownst to the Pope, is an expression of a very strong and primitive emotion that would require, well, the patience of saint, to abstain from normal life. Newsflash Mr Pope, condoms save lives. Not that I particularly expect the head of a made up religion to be too familiar with that what we commonly refer to as 'reality'.

Update: The Onion is there: Starving Third World Masses Warned Against Evils Of Contraception


Vijay said...

~ Ah, sexual health advice from an aged celibate virgin.
~ His father should have used it.

marvin said...

Indeed. From a wealthy privileged old man too. The thing is, comments like this aren't just cretinous, they're also potentially dangerous insofar as some might actually take note of what he says he go and get HIV.

Lucas said...

Unfortunately this populist still lives in the dark ages.
Maybe he should leave his golden layered castle and live sometime with the poorest families in Africa and watch the children die of malnutrition and aids.

Unbelievable!!! Sad world

the queen of fiddlesticks said...

What an idiot!
Education is the answer, as I doubt fidelity and abstinence will cure rape!
Really the last thing the world needs right now is more GOD and religion, especially when, like you have already said, it seems to be out of touch with reality.
In a world with an ever and rapidly growing population I can't imagine "God" today supporting the be fruitful and multiply motto.
In Africa of all places were a lot if not most of the people who do have children can not find means to support them! and mixing religion with ignorant traditions often makes a toxic time bomb just waiting to explode.
I wont even bother to add a link on women who are rapped become not only a dishonor to their spouses and family but made social outcasts in the community ...gee why does that sound familiar?
Sorry to go off on a rant here but this is also why I get so angry at always hearing from the left about "capitalism" - "western involvement" and letting people be free to make decisions on how they want to live ... as if allowing that will not effect us all in the long run.

Kinderling said...

Pope Benedict XVI has said that handing out condoms is not the answer in the fight against HIV/Aids, as he makes his first visit to Africa as pontiff.

Condoms do not stop children being born into the world... Abortions do.
Condoms do not stop AIDS... Isolation, like with TB sufferers, does.

Just because the Pontiff speaks like a Jesus on matters of conscience of 'do not use another person for your sexual gratification' does not mean you have to speak with your arses.

Christophe said...

The Pope is retarded !!!!!!!!

Christophe said...

The Pope is retarded, what does he know about life, he has never touched a woman, he is probably gay or pedophil.

Anonymous said...

The Pope is really retarded, he has never touched a woman, what does he know about life.

Anonymous said...

Da pope is wheely wheely Weetouded: