Thursday, 12 March 2009

"Pro-war locals" marr "anti-war" demonstration

The Independent says the locals who were offended (by the soldier parade in Luton picketed by glorifiers of terrorism) as “pro-war” and the Al-Muhajiroun bunch were “anti-war”

…the march was marred by ugly scenes as pro-war locals, enraged by the protesters’ banners proclaiming “Anglian Soldiers: Butchers of Basra” and their chants of “Burn in Hell”, turned on them and began shouting their own abuse. Police were forced to make two arrests and had to protect the anti-war protesters from the angry crowd.

And notice who does the ‘marring’.

What is wrong with the left in this country?


Ross said...

I think they are taking their cues from 'MPAC':

Edwin Greenwood said...

The use of the phrase "pro-war locals" is interesting. If the (overwhelmingly White British) spectators who took umbrage were "locals", precisely what does that make the (entirely Pakistani-heritage) "anti-war protesters"? Guests? Foreigners? Or, to use the BNP's currently-preferred term, invaders?

Bit of a Freudian slip there, methinks.

marvin said...


Well spotted.

The arrests yesterday were of the aggressive pro-war supporters.

I've not seen the reaction described anywhere else as 'pro-war'. Even if it wasn't taken from MPCACUK, the thought processes are the same.

Quite worrying for a supposedly liberal-left mainstream newspaper.

Edwin - you make a valid point. Seems like an the exotic other Orientalist approach to these largely British born brown skinned fascists. Hypocrites.