Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Right not Racist

from Anti-racism from the Right at Harry's Place

a new blog has been set up in support of anti-racism from the perspective of Conservative voters:

Most people in the UK do not vote for left-wing parties.

Most people in the UK reject what the BNP stands for.

Yet where there is any form of coordinated response to the BNP, it is always run by left wing groups, frequantly far-left groups.

The symbol of the Anti Nazi League was a RED arrow, denoting its socialist roots. We have re-appropriated it as a BLUE arrow, to show that it is not only Socialists who can oppose extremist parties like the BNP.

At marches, demos and events like Rise Against Racism and Rock Against Racism, there is a distinct atmosphere of left-wing, socialist dominance. This makes it very intimidating for anyone who opposes the BNP but does not believe in socialism.

There is a subtle and dangerous implication in these events that ALL people with any kind of right-of-centre political views are not welcome, because they are somehow complicit with the BNP simply on account of their political conscience.

It is patently dangerous and stupid to discourage a whole section of society from registering disapproval of the BNP just because they happen to vote e.g. Conservative.

This is good news, and let’s hope to see more moderate Conservatives standing up in a similar way. There is nothing intrinsically ‘right-wing’ about racial hatred, as segements of the left are currently more than adequately demonstrating. Racism can and should be opposed by all decent people of all political persuasions.

As a Tory myself this gets my full support.


Justin said...

What happened to Right Not Racist?

It was quite good though I didn't agree with it a lot of the time?

marvin said...

I don't know mate, he disappeared off the face of the interwebs without a trace.