Monday, 29 June 2009

PC FAIL: School says no to 500 year old traditional English folk dance because somebody might take offence... of the traditional black face paint

from the right wing tabloid let's kill teh immigrants... The Guardian newspaper.
A troupe of morris dancers who smear black makeup across their faces as part of their traditional costume were prevented from performing at a primary school in Gravesend, Kent, because of fears that they could cause offence. Peter Hargreaves, of the Motley Morris group, said the school asked if they would perform without blackened faces but they refused. Hazel King, headteacher at Chantry primary, said: "We found ourselves weighing up any potential offence versus not wishing to compromise the morris dancers' tradition. It's a 'damned if we do, damned if we don't' scenario."
Welcome to the 21st century where "potential" "offence" means that traditions that stretch back centuries are effectively completely censured by imagined "offence" - that terrible and pervasive disease of modern times, anyone can catch it any time and the results are dire. A bit like swine flu.

Sorry to be so boorishly predictable and terribly "right wing", but I wonder if any ethnic dances or expressions will be redacted or withdrawn for potential offence at this school? I wonder if some of the less than Gentlemanly verses from the Quran will be censured during Religious Studies? ... I wouldn't mind so much -- if there was a hint of consistency in any of this hyper-political correctness guff.

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big bunch of fun suckers!!

Dance away dancers!!