Monday, 8 June 2009

YouGov president 'startled' that 59% of BNP voters were Labour sympathisers

YouGov President Peter Kellner gives his views on the findings of their unique survey into BNP voters and their attitudes
But perhaps the most startling finding came when we tested anecdotal reports that many BNP voters were old Labour sympathisers who felt that the party no longer speaks up for them. It turns out to be true. As many as 59 per cent of BNP voters think that Labour "used to care about the concerns of people like me but doesn’t nowadays".
Channel 4 News

It begs the question why would it be such a surprise?

I think the answer lies in the BNP = right wing meme, which fails at many levels with their socialist and protectionist economic ideas, Griffin's sniping at privatisation and big greedy corporations etc. As Dizzy put it the other day; the BNP are ignorant white-power socialists.

Fascism and National Socialism were seen as "the third way, neither right nor left". It's true they incorporate elements from both left and right. So how exactly does the ring-wing tag make sense?


Ross said...

The areas where the BNP thrives should have made it obvious that they weren't disgruntled tories or whatever.

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