Saturday, 24 October 2009

Muesli munching, goatee stroaking, free range, bollock free, nampy pambies...

are imposing their fucking stupid ideologies, on the rest of us:

BBC's attempt at re-writing nursery rhymes to be happy fucking clappy liberal hippy shite. No longer did Little Miss Muffin run away from the spider who sat down beside her. No. She fucking well made friends with it! LITTLE MISS MUFFET MAKES FRIENDS WITH SPIDER. Wtf guys.


More Guardian obsessive compulsive disorder from Waltham Forest and Newham councils which have decreed that schools must close for Muslim, Sikh and Hindu holidays. Jews outnumber Sikhs in the area yet their holidays are not in the socialist council decree. Wtf guys? At least attempt some consistency you fucking heathens.

Update: Private Eye reports the two councils have had this policy since the 80's!

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