Saturday, 21 November 2009

"Electing Police Chiefs would Undermine Democracy"

The Tories plan to ensure that police commissioners are accountable and elected by the public. Sounds like an excellent idea. We have so many unelected officials dictating our lives, why not start a process where people in authority are actually accountable to the electorate?

The police chiefs aren't happy of course, they could be out of a job, but the counter-argument seems to me ridiculously oxymoronic. They are saying that having elected police commissioners would undermine democracy. What a bizarre statement.

Sir Hugh Orde hits out at Tory police plans
Sir Hugh said any idea the police were under "political influence" could undermine democracy.
Political influence undermining democracy? So being accountable to the people you serve is undemocratic?

Devil's Kitchen
says my thoughts in his usual no holds barred style.

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