Sunday, 20 December 2009

Left vs Right: Munir Hussain.

A Buckinghamshire businessman jailed for injuring a burglar who had attacked him and his family plans to appeal against his sentence, his lawyer said.

Munir Hussain, 53, returned to his High Wycombe home to find three intruders who tied him and his family up.

He managed to escape and chased one of the offenders, hitting him with a cricket bat, Reading Crown Court heard.

Hussain's solicitor said he planned to appeal against his 30-month sentence for grievous bodily harm with intent.
We have some responses in the Sunday press, most notably from the left and nominally Labour supporting Observer (Guardian on Sunday), and right and nominally Conservative supporting Telegraph.

In the Red Corner:

What sort of society praises vigilantes with cricket bats?

Far from being a miscarriage of justice, the jailing of Munir Hussain has seen the law working just as it should

In the Blue Corner:

Tories back new rights to help home owners protect themselves from burglars

The Conservatives have backed a new campaign by The Sunday Telegraph for changes to the law to give householders more rights to protect themselves against burglars.

If somebody broke in to your family home, tied up you and your family members at knife point, what would you do? To what extent should the law protect, and protect whom?

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JuliaM said...

Better to ask why a man can rack up 54 convictions and remain at large to burgle and steal apparantly at will, surely?