Tuesday, 1 December 2009

A reason why sceptics are worried about the alarmist movement

An article at the Guardian claiming that the we're in big trouble - because the ozone layer is shrinking. The panic used to be set on the idea of an increasing hole in the ozone layer letting through the harmful rays from the sun and the melting of the ice caps.

T'is other way round now, apparrently. But reading the comments at the article gives some insight in to the minds of the alarmists

What is needed is to stop pumping CO2 into the atmosphere: it is relatively easy to achieve and just requires wartime-style action by governments to boost replacement, renewable sources of energy. It's not rocket science and it is doable. So let's get on and do it and stop listening to the moaners and whingers who complain that global warming is all a big conspiracy - are people sick or something?


The Filthy Engineer said...

It looks like they'll use anything they possibly can to perpetuate the scam.

marvin said...

I doubt it's a conspirational 'scam', filthy engineer, I think it's people who have taken the baton, and ran, like forest fucking gump.

They care, they're just uncontrollably carried away with the tide of fashionable theory, without care to reason and questioning.

maybe im dumb said...

why would you think that we use fuel like it has no end.look at plankton. a 35 percent loss . we dump junk in the ocean with no regard

marvin said...

We have pretty strong UK and EU laws governing dumping waste and it's something that is constantly monitored and regulated, which is something that cannot be said for other, poorer, areas of the world

Multinational company Trafigura is a recent example of shockingly terrible damage not just to the environment but directly killed 16 people and affected up to 100,000 people more.

Maybe Im Dumb, fuel consumption will only increase as the world's population grows, the key is seeking of cost-efficient renewable forms of energy and the building of nuclear power stations. We need to be able to cheaply export this cleaner technology to developing nations. And companies and multinationals whose actions kill people and destroy the environment should be shutdown.

This is what we need... not hysteria, panic, and calling people 'deniers'.

Watch this clip, Bob Ward appears to tell Fraser to 'shut up'! Way to go to win an argument.

The Queen of Fiddlesticks said...

I kind of feel every where should use the energy best suited to its enviornment. Which I think they do .. and I like the idea of (where it can be applied) a more personal source, with a backup or something. I do wish they would put more research into hydro power - http://www.darvill.clara.net/altenerg/hydro.htm
just a simple link but water is the only free, constant, and clean energy ... according to this, the swiss get over half their electric from hydro-electricity. New ways to manipulate or simulate conditions maybe .. especially since they just built that wave machine (I forget where) for the surfers ..remember? I think the technology is avalible to develop new ideas for this.

I'm not a fan of nuclear power ...lived next to one for years ...


I think the climate people would love water as energy too concidering they say we will all be under it soon ..

Anonymous said...

Rising polar bears and dying sea levels are a real problem. Something has to be done.