Thursday, 14 January 2010

Norman Tebbit: The Left-wing BNP could cost Labour seats at the general election

As promised, today I'm going to say something about the BNP, but first I thought I should explain something to "Fabius", who wonders why, if I care about the plight of the poor, I am a Conservative. Well, that answers itself. I care about the poor not just because I was born one of them, but because they are very expensive people to have about us, and they represent a tragic waste of human material.

Given that socialism has a shocking record on wealth generation, let alone a shocking record of creating authoritarian states, I could never be a socialist. As to what Fabius calls the record of butchery in the British Empire, he must find it odd that the descendants of those who survived our colonial rule come flocking here to live, to work or to seek education. Nor does he seem to understand that, across the world, the greatest butchers have been socialists: Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler – not a free market capitalist, low tax, small government man among them.

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