Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Guardian equates right wing Tories with Islamic Exremism

'Tory madrasa' preaches radical message to would-be MPs

Extremist views include global warming scepticism, being anti-NHS, using water cannons on green protesters, and supporting the use of waterboarding.

Guardian readers up and down the country will actually start to believe that there are Al-Qaeda like elements in the Tory party.

I await for such concerns to be expressed at the large left wing media organisation I happen to work for next week.

Comments on the article are pouring in
That the Tories, both grassroots and Notting Hill mainstream, are in reality a bunch of extremist, ignorant, bigoted scum should not come as a surprise to anyone.
Extremist bigoted scum for not supporting the NHS or global warming theories! And people at work are baffled why I am not left wing, like every other right thinking person. I am not a lefty because I cannot be so irrational, hysterical and deluded - I cannot morally or intellectually begin to equate Tories with Islamic extremists hellbent on murdering everyone they wish.

Here's Dizzy's take
They're nothing but extremists turds and we should all be wetting our pants because one of them, once, at a meeting, somewhere, spoke to someone who brother's girlfriend's mother made a cake that won a competition at a fair that David Cameron judged. Can't you see the connnection? Are you blind!?! Run away! Run away!
And here's the left's kyprotonite, on The Guardian in general, Rod Liddle
By God, The Guardian is a loathsome newspaper; a local north London morning daily for Stalinist metro libtards, perpetually arrogant, snobbish, self-righteous, humourless, dull, relentlessly middle class, cowardly and cheap.

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