Monday, 29 March 2010

Rod Liddle and Truth and Accuracy

The complaint to the PCC with regards to Rod Liddles provocative article Benefits of a multi-cultural Britain has been upheld.

Rod Liddle did not take the precautions to actually have cold hard facts to back up all of his assertions. I'd assumed that he had. He hadn't.

He said

The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community
The PPC states

The magazine provided some evidence to substantiate the figures: a BBC report, which quoted an Inspector in the Trident Unit of the Metropolitan police as saying that ‘for three out of every four shootings…in London, the victim and the perpetrator are from the black community’; a Daily Mail article, which reported that ‘124 out of 225 under-18s legally proceeded against for knife offences in the past three months are from the black community’; and a Sunday Times report which stated that ‘71% of people accused of mobile phone theft were black…’

the magazine had not been able to demonstrate that the “overwhelming majority” of crime in all of the stated categories had been carried out by members of the African-Caribbean community

Fair enough. Notice they did not refute subsequent substations as inaccurate. The government website Trident states

75% of London's gun crime involves the victim and suspect both coming from the capital's black communities.

The Guardian is there: Roy Greenslade at the PCC censures Liddle and Spectator for fomenting racist myth.

I think you'll find it was for inaccuracy, Roy.

Where I take issue with the knee-jerk partisan lefties is that they provide the foundation for the notion that it's racist to talk about the problem with violence in our young black communities.

75% of London's gun crime is black on black from the governments very own website. Is that a racist myth Roy?
Which assertions are racist myths Roy, the ones that do not have freely available stats to back them up? Or all of them?

Rod - stick to the facts mate. If you can't back it up then don't bother.

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