Sunday, 16 May 2010

The conceit of the left-wing commentariat

An excellent an article by the Dominic Lawson; Cameron, the Whig in Tory clothing. (the title of will surely have left-wing partisans fuming already, for they = good; everything else = very bad)

...the deep intellectual conceit of those on the left who imagine not just that they are the only people who can be described as “progressive”, but that anyone from a different political tradition has purely cynical motivations, even — or perhaps especially — as a reformer. In the context of the new government, they therefore find it impossible to take at face value Michael Gove’s claims to want to improve the education of the poorest, or Iain Duncan Smith’s desire to rescue an entire generation from the pit of welfare dependency.

It is, of course, the fact that both these Conservatives see private enterprise and the reestablishment of individual initiative and responsibility as the essential components in any solution of these most difficult of social problems which makes them so unacceptable to the self-styled progressives.

Perhaps it is that implacable sense that there is no political moral worth outside the left which led so many of its commentators seriously to suggest that even after Labour’s debacle in the general election, the “only legitimate coalition” was one led by them...

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