Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hugo Rifkind: Missing the point on drawing Mohammed

Hugo Rifkind thinks people who draw Mohammed are "awful people".

I found this stick-man on the interwebs, we don't know his name, but let us hope for all our sakes it's Jack rather than Mohammed!


Anonymous said...

excellent post!
..... and WOW !
Funny how a topic can start, and then go in a million directions.
This was meant as a protest in the defense of freedom of speech/expression, without any malicious intentions.
Not lets hate muslims day!
It is RIGHT in existence for a reason, in accordence with our own history and evolution.
I think muslims need a good lesson in christian darkages etc - and not just to point a finger at the bad christians, but to understand how religion and politics don't mix, or at try to realise where we in "western" society have been and where we are.


Why people in other countries would get sooooo outraged over this is beyond me. honestly, I can't really concider a simple drwaing - "idolatry" - which is really what Islam prohibits.

AND then there is this -


When living in a non muslim country the rights and laws of THAT country must be respected.
So accept the fact we will defend our right to free speech.
At the same time I am sorry to say, an internet search will sadly reveal the ugly opposite side - where a few equally disturbed groups and individuals will take that right and freedom to produce trully offensive, racist and disturbing images.
Which is an insult to us all!!

The Draw mohammad day idea - had absolutly nothing to do with Islam or Mohammad!
Those who took it, or used it as such are one and the same ...
peace be apon us all

Anonymous said...