Monday, 7 June 2010

BBC suggests Israel killed fishermen, despite both Israeli and Palestinian sources

The BBC's Jon Donnison, in the West Bank town of Ramallah, says it is not yet clear exactly what happened.
There doesn't appear to have been much of a dispute in the incident between Palestinian and Israeli sources. It reasonably clear what has happened; given no evidence or claims to the contrary.
But it is not uncommon for the Israeli navy to open fire on fishing boats it feels are too far out at sea, he adds.
Seems rather an odd thing to mention that the BBC isn't sure and that they may have attacked fishermen, surely? I could understand mentioning this if Palestinian sources had claimed this was the case, however they have not.

Update: After several hours the BBC modified the article, they've removed the first statement, and the comment about Israeli navy firing on fishing boats no longer appears to be the BBC correspondants explanation for what happened, it's mentioned as an aside, and marked under 'analysis'.

Well done. One does wonder why the editor of the web page felt it appropriate to present the news story in a "we don't know" and "it could be fishermen dead" angle, for several hours, when there were a number of sources, not contradictory and from both sides that painted some picture of what's likely to have occurred.

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