Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Peter Hitchens on Gaza Flotilla: The Joys of Selective Outrage

Peter Hitchens, via Atlanticist on Twitter, with a rather unusually good piece on the selective outrage of The Left. I'm not a particular fan of the guy, and rarely there's worth of linking to the Daily Mail; but in this case I'm happy to make an exception.

It's pretty lengthy but well worth the read. A few selections:

Why is it that other countries can and constantly do horrible things, and there's not one tenth of the fuss there is if Israel does the same? And that Arabs can be massacred, tortured , imprisoned, you name it, and if it's done by other Arabs, nobody seems to mind. But if Israelis do it, it's all over the bulletins and the front pages. Why would that be? Well, it could have something to do with the fact that Israel has no oil, and the Arabs have lots, a huge influence on the British foreign Office and the BBC for many decades.

But it's also because that oil also finances some very slick PR, the kind nobody notices *is* PR, a skill Israel has lost - it is in the disastrous position of having everyone know that its propaganda (and it works hard at it) *is* propaganda, its lobbying *is* lobbying etc, whereas Arab lobbying doesn't get noticed and its propaganda is reported as news, which is the real aim of all such operations.

When did you last hear anyone talking about the 'Arab Lobby'
in Washington, or in London for that matter? And yet there are such things, though they have nicer names.

...I'd like to see what the Turkish Navy would do to a pro-Kurdish 'humanitarian convoy' heading for its coast, if they ignored instructions to halt. I suspect it wouldn't be pretty

...It emerges that these ships were not entirely peopled by pacifist vegetarian idealists from the Isle of Wight. of these 'activists' is a lawyer who once represented a terrorist for free (his client was the interesting Kozo Okamoto, still in the Middle East and anxious not to return to his native Japan). Mr Okamoto took part in the 1972 Lod Airport massacre, in which 25 innocents were massacred. Aboard were others who are active supporters of Hamas, the despotic and murderous Islamist rulers of Gaza

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