Sunday, 6 June 2010

Organizer of "Freedom Flotilla" at Hamas rally

Transcript here

The usual Islamist claptrap, quite a bit of Allah Akbarring, allusion to a Islam dominating the world, "everything is progressing towards Islam", the lionising of those willing to die for the sake of Allah, "If they kill me – that is martyrdom for the sake of Allah. Allah Akbar".

But surely, simply the fact that the organiser of the "freedom flotilla" is rallying Hamas says everything we need to know?

So, can anybody in their right mind still claim that the "freedom flotilla" was a peace envoy?

More in depth commentary: Gaza Flotilla’s Leader Explains: It was a Jihadist Attack not a “Humanitarian” Operation

Hat Tip: Pisa in the comments at Harry's Place

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