Monday, 13 December 2010

HJS & JJ Panel Discussion: Squaring the Circle? Britain & the De-legitimisation of Israel. Just some pictures.

This evening I attended a debate at the New West End Synagogue. It is rather beautiful inside.

The event location was kept kept quiet for "security reasons". There were three uniformed police officers and a CST security team scouting the synagogue during the event.

That's a Red Hot Chilli Peppers skullcup. Zionist extremists
as you can see with your own eyes.

No radicalism to be found, just calm, collected common sense, mixed with not a little incredulity at the parlous state of the liberal-left that has precipitated, rather than defended against, repugnant and ill-informed rhetoric against the Jewish homeland and Jews themselves.

We popped off a little early for a quick beer and a chat. The police officers were inside keeping warming and looked quite pleased to be in such warm and distinctive surroundings. A nice evening out.


Joel Braunold said...

You must have been sitting behind me clearly :)

Bloke with the funny skullcap

marvin said...

Awesome skullcap!

Thanks Joel.